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Cold Pressed Juice- Healthy Deliciousness all in One Little Bottle


Common place in Canada’s other cities such as Vancouver and Toronto, cold pressed juices have been enjoyed by these urbanites for several years. However rejoice, rejoice, as Calgary finally has several options for those seeking out the wonderful nectar known as cold pressed juice.


Just what is it, and why does it cost $8 to $11 per bottle?


Well, cold pressed juice is no ordinary juice. This nutrient rich beverage has not been heated, or pulverized to create liquid from fruits and vegetables. Instead, a machine that exerts thousands of pounds of pressure extracts all juice from vegetables such as kale, celery, ginger, beets, along with sweeter fruits in some juices such as pineapple, apple and watermelon for balance.


There are currently four places to find cold pressed juice in Calgary at the moment, although we expect others to follow suit and open in the near future, as once Calgarian’s develop a taste for the green nectar, it won’t be long until demand grows!


Well Juicery- look for a juice truck on 17th Avenue coming soon

Mamasu- 111 5 Ave. S.W. +15 level

Juice Because- home delivery

Cru Juice- 236 4 St. N.E


Also, a little birdie whispered to us that in the not too distant future, some of these juices may be available for sale at the front desk of our favorite little boutique hotel……watch for more info coming soon!

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