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Guess which neighborhood ranked in the top 3 in Calgary?

The Beltline, one of Calgary’s thriving and now ranked most liveable neighborhoods.  The past several years have seen vast changes to the area, with a plethora of funky new eateries and coffee shops opening, hip little boutiques, stylish galleries, and a vibe that is unique to the Beltline.  Plus, it’s less than 1km from downtown Calgary, creating very easy access for business travelers who choose to stay in the Beltline, but have meetings to attend in the core of downtown.

The Beltline, named for a streetcar route from 1912 (100 year history in the area!), comprises the area of Rivers District, 17th Avenue S.W., Midtown along 10th Avenue S.W. and the amalgamated communities of Connaught and Victoria Park.  Hotel Elan is fortunate to be right in the middle of this happening neighborhood.

Some of our favorite aspects of being in the Beltline include:

  • The very short walk to the fabulous patios at Cibo and Bonterra (see previous post)
  • Taking in Calgary’s boutique culture wandering through the one off shops and galleries
  • The delicious restaurant choices
  • Easy access to independent grocery stores such as Community Natural Foods or Sunterra Market
  • The friendly locals who are always happy to provide directions or a recommendation on where to go and what to eat, see, or do

For more information on the Beltline, Avenue Magazine has a great article on their website

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