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The Best Patios in Calgary

Summertime is here, and with that comes the glorious patio season, where all Calgarian’s celebrate the warmth that we have waited 8 months for, enduring week after week of -40 all winter long.  Ok, perhaps that may be a slight exaggeration,  but it is a fact that it has been known to snow pretty much every month of the year, at some point in Calgary!

Since we are in the throws in summer, and long warm evenings with plenty of sunlight, here are some top picks of where to dine al fresco and to thoroughly enjoy the lovely ambience that each of these patios provides.

1. Bonterra- 8th Street and 11th Avenue SW

If you were to imagine a quintessential Tuscan trattoria was scooped from Italy and dropped into Calgary’s Beltline complete with the charm of fresh foliage throughout, and dripping water fountains, this is the place to head for lunch or dinner.

2. Cibo- 9th Street and 17th Avenue SW

Just steps away from Hotel Elan is Cibo, a hip little Italian restaurant with delicious think crust Italian pizza, and a wide array of pastas.  The patio is well protected with dozens of flowers, and with well priced wine, you may find yourself drawn here time and time again this summer.

3. The River Cafe- Prince’s Island Park

A longtime favorite of locals and tourists alike, this patio is in the middle of Prince’s Island Park, and offers at atmosphere to really make you feel like you have escaped from the hustle of urban life.  The two layered patio is well set up with flowers all around, plenty of shade, and rustic chic wooden chairs.  We recommend pretty much any meal of the day spent here- weekend brunch being particularly wonderful.  Bask in the warmth of the day while enjoying fresh and locally sourced food.

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