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Urban Exploration- the best parks in Calgary for an afternoon stroll

Urban Exploration- the best parks in Calgary for an afternoon stroll

Calgary has a number of stunning outdoor recreation areas, and spread out throughout the city. Whether you prefer to stay close to the hotel, or venture out on an exploration of the city, we have the ideal recommendation for a park to check out while in town.


  1. Prince’s Island Park- Access from Eau Claire or Memorial Drive


A truly urban park, as it is located right within downtown. A short stroll over the bridge from the Eau Claire shopping area will have you in the center of this oasis. Stroll around the perimeter of the park, stopping to watch the ducks splash about, and the Bow River rush by. A wonderful playground sits in the middle of the park, and if you tire from walking around or being in the sun, do be sure to stop in at the River Café for an afternoon cup or tea or an appi.


  1. Edworthy Park- access from Bow Trail SW or Memorial Drive NW


Home to the Douglas Fir Walkway, one of the most beautiful walks in the city! Towering douglas fir trees loom overhead, providing much needed shade on a hot summer’s day. You can walk all the way downtown from the park, taking about 2 hours, or just laze the day away inside the park. Numerous picnic sites, several playgrounds, access to the river, and plentiful pathways beckon an escape for the afternoon into the beauty of Edworthy Park.


  1. Griffith Woods- Discovery Woods Access, SW Calgary


Discover a true wooded wonderland within the city limits. Griffith Woods has a large parking lot, and within minutes of leaving the car, you will feel like you are truly away from it all. There is a paved pathway throughout the park ideal for biking, or plenty of dirt pathways to turn and meander down, for those preferring to explore on foot off the beaten path. The Elbow River runs in the park, with plenty of spots to sit and admire the view, or to dip your feet in and cool off on a hot day.



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